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Pottery Boxes to take Home

We’ve created pottery kits for you to paint at home. The perfect rainy day activity!

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The boxes contain your chosen ceramics, our special underglaze paint and paint brushes. Paint your ceramic, return it to us and we’ll glaze and fire it for you. Instructions on painting can be found further down this page.

We've got a great selection of ceramics to paint. Pop along to the studio or get in touch and we'll tell you what is available.

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Pottery Box to take home: Activities

How to paint your ceramics

Here are some handy tips on making the most of your Pottery at Home Box

  • Give your ceramic a damp wipe or wash. Allow to dry. (please note if you soak your ceramic in water it can take a while to dry!)

  • Put a small amount of paint onto your palette (ceramic tiles and plates are good for this)

  • Apply the underglaze paint to your ceramic. One coat will give you a thinner, translucent colour with visible brushstrokes. Two or three layers will give you a more intense, opaque colour. Please don’t use paints other than the ones supplied with your ceramic. Normal paint won’t fire in our kiln!

  • Remember if you put one colour on top of another they will merge when we fire them in the kiln. A mixture of green and red can come out as a sludgy brown! If you do layer colours make sure you do enough coats of the top coat to allow it to stand out. The paints are underglazes, they deepen and brighten when they fired.

  • You don’t have to just use a brush to paint. Sponging gives a nice effect, the end of a brush makes a lovely dot.

  • Leave your ceramic to dry.


  • When we receive your ceramic we’ll glaze it, dry foot it and then fire it at almost 1000°c

  • Your ceramic is now lovely and shiny. It’s also ready for use and dishwasher safe.

  • We’d love to see you getting creative. Please tag us in your photos!  Instagram @potter_around #potteraround

Pottery Box to take home: Text

Potter Around

Colour Plate

Choose up to six colours with your first ceramic.

Choose a further two colours with each additional ceramic.

We also have a speckled white paint.

Pottery Box to take home: About

Handprint and footprint advice

  • Handprints and footprints are always easier with two people. One to hold the baby and one to paint! Prints are more effective on a plain, unpainted background.

  • Choose stronger, brighter colours for hand and footprints as you’re only getting a single layer of paint. Green acre and black lab can sometimes smudge. Pale and pastel colours can fade out when fired.

  • Holding the baby’s hand open paint their hand using a brush. Try to keep the paint as evenly spread as you can. Press the heel of the baby’s hand down first followed by fingers and thumbs. Hold your hand on top of theirs and lightly press down. Lift the baby’s hand away from the ceramic in one complete motion. Smudges can be cleaned up with a damp cloth. Pooled paint can sometimes be lifted off with a needle or a finger nail. If all has gone wrong a print can be wiped away and redone. If you do need to wipe away it’s best to allow the ceramic to dry for a few moments.

  • Prints are a moment captured in time. They don’t need to be perfect to be precious.

Pottery Box to take home: Welcome

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