Six Ways To Capture Memories And Milestones

We all want those special moments to be captured in time and remembered forever and at Potter Around we can do just that, whether it for a baby, a pet or a loved one of any age.

Printing at Potter Around1. Immortalise your baby’s hand and footprints in clay when they are tiny. They grow so fast it is a perfect way of remembering just how small they once were and these clay imprints also make an ideal gift. We take the prints in soft clay, and then fire them. You choose the colour scheme and we will then paint, glaze and refire. The process takes around 3 weeks and it is best to book an appointment. One imprint is £30, 2 for £50 and 3 for £70. You can do this at any age but tiny newborn imprints are very special as are those taken on a 1st birthday as an example.

2. Baby’s and children’s hand and footprints (or even fingerprints) on a piece of pottery is another good way of capturing a moment in time. You can choose any ceramic piece and we will paint the hands and feet then help to print them on the plate, mug, vase or whatever you choose. Again these are perfect gifts and as Christmas approaches, handprints on baubles for your tree are very popular. The handprints can be turned into all manner of things from flowers to butterflies, robins to reindeer.

Memories at Potter Around3. If you pet is precious (and let’s face it they all are) why not have their paw print immortalised. This can be done in the soft clay or painted on a piece of pottery. You can even mix and match and have your child and your dog (or cat) on the same piece of clay or ceramic. A great memory for everyone and particularly precious if your dog or cat is growing older and might not be with you forever.

4. We have created lasting family memories with all members of a family adding their handprints to a piece of pottery. Grandparents, parents and the kids all together on one large platter or a large vase makes for a great centrepiece on your table and will be talk of the dinner party.

Memories and Milestones5. Our ‘family treepots’ are a wonderful gift for a special occasion or milestone such as wedding anniversary or special birthday. The whole family tree can be painted on a teapot, making a practical yet memorable gift that marks the occasion and remembers the family. As much or as little detail as you want can be added along with embellishments such as favourite flowers or colours. And if teapots are not your thing, the family tree can be painted on other items of pottery too such as clocks and vases, bowls and plates.

6. Equally special are occasions such as birthdays and weddings, retirement and bon voyage parties – to mark these moments you can commission us to paint a personalised item of pottery or better still, take a plate away and get everyone to sign it, then bring it back for us to paint over the signatures and add a picture. That way the person receiving it has a lovely piece of pottery that helps them to remember all those people they love.

If any of these ideas capture your imagination or you want more details, just drop us an email or give us a call. We are here to make your memories.