Being located in the country on a farm and on a popular dog walkers route, we are surrounded by animals and animal lovers.  To celebrate your pets, we make clay paw imprints, take commissions for oil and watercolour paintings of your pets and make personalised dog bowls.

Paw prints 

Paw prints are a lovely momento of your pet. Prints can be taken in clay or painted onto a pottery

We take the prints in the studio and offer a mobile service (see below). We have plenty of space and there is always a bowl of water available.
Potter Around
Before taking the prints, we make sure your pet is settled and then we or or you will wash the pet’s paws. If you would like clay imprints, we will then press the paw gently  into clay. If you would like painted pottery, such as a personalised dog bowl with you pet’s print on, then we paint the paw in the colour of your choice, and then place it on a piece of pottery to take the print. One of the options that is proving very popular, especially with children, is to have their handprint  and their pet’s paw print imprinted on the same piece of clay. We are also happy to match pet prints up to other family prints you may have had taken in the past. Just bring in your existing prints. 

After taking clay prints, the clay is dried and fired. Then we paint the clay in a colour of your choice and will write on the pet’s name and the date or any other details you like. With over 100 colours of underglaze to choose from we are confident you will be able to find the colour you want.  After painting, the piece dries and then is glazed and fired again. In all, this process takes approximately 4 weeks. We always take a spare clay imprint just in case anything goes wrong.

Painted prints only need to be fired once and are generally available a week later. We will personalise any piece for you.

Mobile Service

We appreciate that transporting pets can be difficult and we therefore offer a mobile service. We will visit a kennel club, cattery, kennels, dog walking club, vets or any animal event. We are also happy to visit you in your own home. There is a minimum charge and there may be a mileage charge depending on the distance to be travelled. 


A painting of a much loved pet is a great treasure and gift and we are able to offer commissioned paintings or sketches. Please call us for a quote.. 

Painted Pottery

If you would like to paint a bowl or a treats jar for your pet then our studio has all kinds of pottery shapes and animals for you to paint. Or if you would prefer, we would be delighted to paint a piece for you. 


Unframed Clay imprints are £30, or £50 for two sets. Personalised dog bowls are £25. We offer an unframed clay print and a personalised dog bowl for £50. Vouchers are available if you would like to give paw prints as a gift.


Paw prints are available by appointment and can be made by phoning 01506 238961 or emailing us at