Five Christmas Crafts To Do This December

December is a great time to gather the family around and enjoy a morning or afternoon crafting. Here are five ideas to keep you busy this year.

1. Cut out a simple snowflake shape in card and use it as a stencil to make a stunning plate or coaster. Place the stencil on the item of pottery and sponge the paint over the top (preferably blue or a range of blues). Lift off the stencil and there you have it. Done in minutes and with fantastic results. We then glaze and fire the piece of pottery.
Cost is dependent on piece of pottery chosen – coaster £5

2. Make a clay angel. A circle of clay folded over on itself, an oval for the wings, a ball for the head and a flat circle for the halo. Using the method of the 4 s’ (score, slip, stick, smooth) – which we will show you in the studio – you put all the pieces together and have a gorgeous angel to hang on your tree. We fire the clay, you come and paint it and we glaze and refire – you need to do this one quickly as it takes up to 3 weeks.

3. Decopatch a decoration – very simple to do at home or in the studio. Take one decoration (pottery, papier mache or wood) and take small pieces of waxed tissue paper and some modge podge glue and cover the decoration to give it a special look. Of course you can add glitter too.

Price dependent on the item chosen – from £3

4. Make a scented Christmas candle. Choose a winter warming essential oil (clove, cinnamon, pine…); melt 100g of soy wax; add some colour (great fun to grate a wax crayon); add 5 drops of the oil and pour into the prepared container which has been decorated and has had a wick placed inside. Again a sprinkle of glitter will add some Christmas cheer.
£12 – includes some pretty packaging.

5. Beaded decoration. Take a circle of memory wire and thread bright coloured beads onto it in whatever order you like. Finish off with glittery pipe cleaners and ribbon to make a very simple decoration for the tree.

Prices from £3 dependent on size of memory wire